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Nzbusiness.info was created to respond to increasing information needs. Although the amount of information available on the Internet is growing, most of these data are slowly updated, missing or inaccurate. Although similar information databases are being published, statistical and database expertise is often required before statistically useful data. This is the origin of nzbusiness.info! We collect and analyze the database and give out whether the same director serves more companies and the company name of a similar company, so that you can better understand the company information in New Zealand.

We provide information about most companies active or disbanded in New Zealand. These company information includes: company number, company name, office address and service address, registration date, company status, company website, telephone, email, stock information, and director details. Because the site is public, you can query these company information for free. We hope that this information will help you, and hope that after you get help, share it for more people to benefit. Nzbusiness.info will be your source of information on New Zealand companies.

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